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“It’s not how much money you make but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for”
Robert Kiyosaki on why people benefit from professional financial advice.

This is what I aim to do, to help you make good decisions about your money – providing clear information to help you achieve your financial goals.

I am part of 2plan wealth management which is a national advisory firm consisting of Financial Advisers and mortgage and protection specialists.

Being independent is part of what makes me different. It’s the reason I am free to advise you about products from the entire financial marketplace. I don’t act on behalf of any bank or insurance company. So my recommendations are solely about what’s right for you.

Working with 2plan also allows me to offer you all the benefits of a bigger organisation, such as the latest technology, greater financial strength, and the reassurance of a team of experts helping me to get things right first time.

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The 4 Step Process

Step 1


  • Introduction
  • Agree remuneration level
  • Review existing plans
  • Identify goals and objectives
  • Information gathering

Step 2


  • Assess objectives
  • Whole of market research
  • Devise investment strategy (if applicable)

Step 3


  • Select product
  • Apply to product provider
  • Process applications
  • Policy documentation

Step 4

Ongoing Service

  • Assess the continued suitability
  • Complete a new investment risk questionnaire
  • Ongoing access to your adviser

About Me

Hello and thank you for arriving at my page.

I am a West Yorkshire based Independent Financial Adviser who puts my clients at the centre of the advice process. Whilst working with 2plan, I have been awarded Investment Adviser of the year for 2015 and 2016 and was also awarded IFA of the year for the company in 2018. 

I have over 26 years’ experience as a financial adviser, having run my own independent financial advisory business for the last eight years. Prior to this I served in the Royal Air Force for four and a half years.

Financial planning can be difficult to understand and so my aim is to make things simple for my clients; taking care of everything that I can for them. I also look to meet clients each year (or more often if required) through our ongoing review service.

I can advise on subjects such as: equity release, care fees, saving and investing, retirement planning, Inheritance Tax planning and financial protection. I can also arrange car, home and business insurance through trusted contacts. 

The first meeting seeks to understand your current financial situation and capacity for risk – it’s only then that I can begin to provide advice to you. We will also discuss how I can add value to your situation and fees. I usually work on a fixed fee or hourly rate as opposed to taking monies from what you invest or transfer.

Please contact me directly if you have any queries. I look forward to working with you in the near future. 

Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Darren Pickersgill, Leeds


Don't take my word for it


I always value feedback from clients, it is good to know when I have done something right or wrong to help me improve the service I offer. 2plan regularly survey my clients and below you can see some genuine feedback from them direct from these surveys.

  • Darren is alright and a friendly chap (My husbands words). Yes, I find him easy to talk to and he answers any questions you throw at him. I would recommend him.

    Mr J, Emley (Apr 2018)
  • Our adviser conducts the annual review very professionally and we are happy with his approach. All paperwork is promptly and efficiently dealt with.

    Mr S, Hull (Jan 2019)
  • I have always found Darren Pickersgill friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. There aren't that many advisers that I would feel confident about but Darrens meet ups are always friendly and professional and I have complete faith in him.

    Miss A, Todmorden (Jul 2018)
  • I always find Darren’s advice useful and informative. His knowledge of the products is always good. His explanations are always clear and I feel confident to ask questions if there is any issue I don’t understand.

    Miss C, Apperley Bridge (Jun 2018)
  • Professional advice received from my adviser in an efficient and friendly manner. I feel confident that the advice I have received will be of benefit to me.

    Mrs H, Brighouse (Aug 2018)
  • Adviser always gives good confident advice and is always ready to answer any questions.

    Mrs L, Huddersfield (Jun 2018)


Winning or even being nominated for an award in your chosen field of work or expertise provides recognition that what you do is held in the highest esteem. I am extremely proud to list the recognition I have achieved below:


  • IFA of the Year


  • Investment Adviser of the Year


  • Investment Adviser of the Year

What I Do

Because I'm backed by an experienced and knowledgeable team of financial planning and IT specialists at 2plan, you can enjoy complete peace of mind – safe in the knowledge that you have industry-leading expertise working for you.

Financial Protection

We all dream of winning the lottery. But what are your odds when it comes to accidents or illness?

Unfortunately, the chances of long-term absence from work are higher than you might think

8 ball

8% risk of death before 65.

16 ball

16% risk of suffering a serious illness.

32 ball

32% risk of being unable to work for 2 months or more.

Life cover is the most popular cover but premature death isn't the biggest risk we face during our working lives.

We're all natural optimists, but even a little bit of income protection could make your finances less of a gamble.

Source: LV= risk reality calculator May 2015, based on a male non-smoker aged 30.


Investment Planning And Regular Savings


Why Helping with Asset Allocation Is So Important

By including assets with investment returns that move up and down under different market conditions, an investor can protect against significant losses within a portfolio. Historically, the returns from the major asset classes have not moved up and down at the same time, so by investing in more than one asset type, you'll reduce the risk of losing money and your portfolio's overall investment returns should have a smoother ride.

Time vs Money

Why Does Time Matter

Time Horizon - the number of years, or decades you will be investing to achieve a particular financial goal can make a significant difference. If you think about it, an investor with a longer time horizon may feel more comfortable taking on a riskier, or more volatile investment because they can ride out the inevitable ups and downs of our markets. Risk Tolerance – being prepared to lose some or all of your original investment in exchange for greater potential returns. An aggressive investor, is more likely to risk losing money in order to obtain better long term results, whereas a cautious investor, tends to favour investments that try to preserve the original investment.

Profit Risk Loss

So What's The Right Approach For Me

The actual process of determining which mix of assets to hold in your portfolio is a very personal one. The asset allocation that works best for you at any given point in your life will depend largely on your time horizon and your ability to tolerate any potential losses. We have developed cutting-edge psychometric risk profiling software to make sure we help you make the right decision.


Retirement Planning

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Britons 'worst in world at saving for retirement'

British workers are the worst prepared in the world for retirement, a new study has shown.

Figures from HSBC show that the average retirement in the UK is expected to last 19 years, but the average person's retirement savings will last for just seven years.

Recent data from the Office for National Statistics shows that the median value of private pensions in the UK stands around £57,000. As most people take out the 25% tax free cash of £14,250 this would only leave enough for a guaranteed income of around £127pm*. Whilst most people tend to spend less money in retirement, £127pm is around 6% of the current national average earnings.

100 Percent Percent
Pension Shortfall

* Based upon a male and female aged 65 with benefits escalating at 3% and provision for a 50% spouses pension


Advice At Retirement

What on earth is pound cost ravaging? It's the name given to the effect on your pension pot when you withdraw capital in a falling market. By taking regular withdrawals whilst the market is falling, the financial implications for your retirement pot can be dramatic, you only have to get a few years of bad returns in the early years of your retirement and it may be almost impossible to recover, even though the longer term average returns from your investments may remain strong.


You must remember that you're effectively selling your assets when they are worth less. This is because when the price of each unit that you hold is lower more need to be sold in order to reach your required level of income. Unfortunately, most savers simply assume that if they select a modest level of regular income, regardless as to what happens in the markets, that they'll be able to carry on indefinitely. In reality, taking regular withdrawals in times of market stress can destroy the health of your pension pot and therefore, investors must regularly adjust their retirement plan and investment strategy to avoid the real risk of running out of money whilst retired.


Ongoing Service

Understand Plan Review Implement

An international HSBC study, The Future of Retirement, in 2011 showed that those with financial plans accumulated nearly 250% more retirement savings than those without a financial plan in place. Furthermore, nearly 44% of those who have a financial plan in place save more money each year for retirement.

FOCUS on plans, not retirement

Research by David Blanchett and Paul Kaplan of Morningstar, in their article "Alpha, Beta and now...Gamma", has attempted to quantify into real numbers the value that financial advisers can provide. Their research shows that advisers help individuals generate roughly 1.82% excess return each year, creating roughly 29% higher retirement income wealth. This means even if an adviser is charging a 1% fee a year for the management of assets, the financial advice still has a huge impact on generating additional wealth.


The Way We Work

As financial advisers, our success depends on building successful long term relationships with clients. Honesty, integrity, good service, going the extra mile - these are the things we believe matter to you, and these are the guiding principles that underpin our approach to business.

As an Independent Financial Adviser I am not tied to any particular provider and can advise you on products from across the whole market. I will always take a rounded view of the options – considering factors such as charges, customer service and financial resilience. This means I will offer the most suitable solutions for your individual needs and circumstances.

Our guiding principles:

  • Best advice - providing you with products and services suitable for your needs
  • Great service - prompt, reliable, friendly; always centred around you
  • Clear, open communication - so you always know where you stand
  • Good information - honest and accurate, timely and relevant
  • Continual improvement - enhancing and updating our service to you
  • Quality control - identifying failings and putting them right
  • Checking and monitoring - reviewing information, tracking progress
Money Marketing Awards

Money Marketing Awards


  • Winner - Best use of Technology


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